Launch Your 1st Course in 30 Days


Overcome procrastination and get your online course launched in 30 days. 

Online courses have been a wonderful source of passive income for me over the past two years and I believe it can help many of you continue to thrive during this difficult season of COVID-19 and civil unrest.

I have numerous friends who are very gifted. Some have great Biblical insight to share during this time when the world needs hope more than ever. Others have great health revelations to share and still others with very practical instruction on how to do everything from organizing your home to meal prepping to freelance writing. Each of these gifts and more can be made into an online course. 

I will walk you through a process to determine what courses are already inside of you.

You get to choose what you charge and how you share your course. My online courses range from $10 to over $300 and are shared on 5 different platforms. One of my favorite platforms is completely free to join AND does the marketing for you. On that platform, once the course is uploaded it becomes truly passive income. I have earned anywhere from $5000 within 30 days for a $55 course to over $10,000 in a year for a $35 course. This may not replace a full-time income, but it's a great additional income source.

I'd love to help you:

*Identify your ideal student and God-given field of favor. 

*Map out a specific plan to record your sessions ASAP using your phone or computer. 

*Get trained on easy enrollment strategies for those who hate selling.

The course is divided into 3 sessions. Each session is a 90-minute workshop so come prepared to do work. Bring a notebook and an open mind.

Session 1: Unpacking the Who, What, and How

Session 2: Packaging Your Knowledge for Online Consumption

Session 3: Launching and Marketing for Those Who Don't Like to Sell

. You have to decide what your course will be about. You have to lay out the foundation of what's in your course. You have to record your course sessions and you have to upload the information to the course platform. But if you are willing to put in the effort, I'm willing to join you on the journey.

Upon joining, you will get an email from Thinkific with your course log-in details.

Here is a sample listing of the new courses birthed from the first group of students in just 30 days together:

Courtnaye Richard

Dr. Evelyn Taylor

Caretha Crawford

Justin Pagotto

Susan Neal

Patrice Burrell

Hope Ried

Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien

Maggie Williams

Audrey Henderson-Tyler

Marva Smith

Michelle Nietert

and Laura Lucas launched her first online science camp for students!

Many students made their first $1K with the cost of the course being their only out-of-pocket expense! Let's work on getting your course out into the world!

My prayer is that during this difficult season there will be many people who find this time of chaos was also a time of preparation where God birthed something new. 

I want this!

Here's what's included: ✔️Three - 90 Minute Coaching Sessions ✔️Guided walk-through of five online teaching platforms ✔️Printable worksheets "homework" to help keep you on track✔️Q and A support via email ✔️Marketing strategy guidance to get your course in front of more people ✔️Supportive accountability group

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Launch Your 1st Course in 30 Days

I want this!